Our Wood Carving Expert is Stefán Haukur Erlingsson, originally from Iceland, passionate about Scotch whisky and keen to combine his expertise and craft skills with his passion for the drinks industry…

Stefán (pictured above) started carving wood at the age of 11 as a hobby and over the last 30 years he has spent time learning his craft and taking courses to finesse his skill set. 

 More recently, Stefán has started working on boxes and decorations which are whisky related in order to showcase his capability to those working in the drinks industry.


I originally came across Stefán through his friend Matt at the World of Whiskies store at Edinburgh Airport (picture of both below). Matt would always comment on the quality of the carvings produced by him, every time I passed through the store, so I decided to reach out and try to help Stefán to link up with people in the drinks industry who may be interested in using this talented wood carver craftsman…and this is how this blog came about…

Stefán can be contacted by email for any potential enquiries and opportunities for work in the drinks industry by emailing him on this address: [email protected]


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