This is the annual release from the folks behind the Gin Foundry, led by its Editor and Co-Founder Olivier Ward. It is a comprehensive guide to all things gin, packed with interviews, features and information about the spirit and the people who make it.

The Gin Foundry is the Home of Gin online and their whole ethos is to celebrate Gin! They are a wonderful resource for anyone interested in knowing more and/or working with this spirit. The team at Gin Foundry are behind the following projects: The Ginvent CalendarJunipalooza, the Ginfographic and the Ginsmith Awards, as well as a sister online shop – Gin Kiosk. They also run workshops and master classes for those interested in opening their own distilleries.

A previous Inside the Cask blog on ‘Why is Gin so popular?’ includes a video from their Junipalooza event.

This book is really well presented: it is well written, available on hardback and beautifully illustrated.

I have been looking forward to receiving this year’s copy and it did not disappoint…featuring highlights of the year, predictions for 2018, and a whole lot of gin brands have been given the spotlight such as Colonsay Gin, Kyrö Gin (featured previously on Inside the Cask – click here), Four Pillars Gin and Elephant Gin to name a few brands…

They also help us to meet the people behind the spirit, such as the husband and wife team of Carl & Kathy Mason of Masons Gin or industry legends such as the Master Distiller of Beefeater Gin, Desmond Payne.

There is also a nice section on Cocktails as well as the options for the Ultimate Gin Cabinet for the Gin geeks out there!

For anyone working in the drinks industry or just generally interested in drinking it and discovering new gin brands and the people behind this category and products, this book is worth it and you can buy it by clicking here.


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