Ahead of Halloween on 31st October, here is a selection of the Top 15 Halloween Cocktails that can be found online and made at home whilst the kids are out trick or treating….this selection is for adults only!

  • Bloody Shots – this one is simply juice (or red dye) and vodka for an unusual shooter….

  • Black Magic Cocktail – recipe courtesy of HGTV

  • Morgue-A-Rita – recipe courtesy of HGTV

  • Blood of Vampires – recipe courtesy of Julie Kohl

  • The Bloody Mary – recipe courtesy of Esquire

  • Blueberry Rickety Eyeball Punch – recipe courtesy of Food Network

For a selection of Halloween cocktails from bars in the USA – check out this article on The Mail Online.

For London bars in the UK – check out this article on The Spirits Business.

Below is also a video for some more at home Halloween Drink ideas…


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