This is not the usual craft brand selection by Inside the Cask and for good reason. Duncan Goose started Global Ethics and The One Brand after a successful career in advertising and travelling for 2 years around the world. His original idea was to launch an ethical bottled water brand: One Water. In turn, the bottled water would be sold in the UK creating profit to fund the provision of clean water in the world’s poorest communities. More recently this was followed by One Gin…

The One Drinks commitment is to give away £20m by 2020. They have already raised over £15 million for life-changing water projects, giving clean, safe water to 3.2 million people!

They are the UK’s leading ethical drinks brand and every bottle of One Water, Juiced Water, Flavoured Water, Origins or Gin funds life-changing water projects in the world’s poorest communities. For more on their story and how it was all started by Duncan – click here for an interview.

Although I had seen and purchased the One water bottles before, I had never realised the sheer amount of altruism behind the brand until the recent World Duty Free Roadshow in London and Manchester (picture below). The team really opened my eyes to the amount of great work being done by the brand helping to provide clean water to the world’s poorest communities. Although this started with a water product, in 2017 the new release was One Gin.

“With the UK gin market making its biggest comeback since Hogarth’s times, it was a natural step for us to broaden our drinks portfolio into this exciting new area, helping to drive our donation power and make a difference to the 663 million people worldwide who don’t have access to clean water.” Duncan Goose

Sarah Thompson, founder and Master Distiller at Blackdown Distillery, in Sussex, has helped to create the One Gin. The bottles are all hand-crafted and the gin produced in small batches at the distillery in an alembic copper still. It is also then seven-times filtered for an exceptionally smooth finish.

The gin is produced using a double distillation process with nine core botanicals from around the world and one signature British botanical – fresh sage – foraged and hand-picked from the surrounding area around the distillery. The resulting product is a unique British gin with savoury notes of black tea from the marriage of juniper and sage.

The genus name of the key botanical sage comes from the Latin word ‘salvare’ which means “to save”. This ties in with The One Brand’s wider vision to help the estimated 663 million people worldwide without access to clean water.

The product idea was originally released through Crowdfunder and over £22k in funds raised in May 2017 to support the project and a wider roll-out.

Want to help? You can purchase online directly from the One Gin website – just click here.

You can even purchase a 5 Litre “bag-in-box” of One Gin for £240 (picture below). A good way to avoid running out quickly on gin at home and at the same time, an ethical way to reduce waste.


One Gin – A British Gin Inspired By The World. For The World


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