Check out the list of Alcoholic Drinks ranked by Calories courtesy of Julie R. Thomson, Taste Senior Editor from HuffPost. But watch out as it is not always as clear as it seems….

Disclaimer: not every brand of a type of drink specified below contains the same number of calories!

As an example to highlight this difference, Patsy Christie (below) from Vinium Consultancy – an agency specialising in Mixed Drinks, Spirits, Wines & Cigars and based in Lebanon – has recently looked into the data available through the websites of Nordic government alcohol monopolies (Finland, Sweden, Norway) to compare the sugar/litre amounts of popular spirits such as rum and cognac brand variants.

The difference in sugar content (and thus calories) can be significant.

Zacapa Centenario 23 Solera has on average 24 grams of sugar per Litre compared to Mount Gay Eclipse with only 3 grams of sugar per Litre.

For a longer list for Rum brand variants, please see the end of this blog…

Now back to the list for the Best and Worst Alcoholic Drinks for your Waistline according to Julie – here it is in descending order:

13 – Beer, Pale Ale (HIGHEST CALORIES): 175 calories for 12 ounces (Sierra Nevada Pale Ale)

12 -Beer, Lager: 170 calories for 12 ounces (Sam Adams Boston Lager)

11 – Wine, Red: 160 calories for 5 ounces (Cabernet Sauvignon from France)

10 – Wine, White: 160 calories for 5 ounces (German Auslese Riesling)

9 – Hard Apple Cider: 150 calories for 12 ounces (Angry Orchard Crisp Apple)

8 – Tequila: 104 calories for 1.5 ounces (Jose Cuervo Gold)

7 – Whiskey: 104 calories for 1.5 ounces (Jack Daniels)

6 – Vodka: 101 calories for 1.5 ounces (Absolute Vodka)

5 – Wine, Rosé: 100 calories for 5 ounces (Echo Falls)

4 – Champagne: 100 calories for 3.4 ounces (Moet Champagne)

3 – Gin: 97 calories for 1.5 ounces (Hendrick’s Gin)

2 – Beer, Light: 96 calories for 12 ounces (Miller Lite)

1 – Rum: 96 calories in 1.5 ounces (Bacardi Superior)

For the full article with more detailed commentary by Julie and pictures – please click here.

A comparison of some leading Rum brand variants is below and raises the point of how different (for your waistline also!) brand variants can be so different within the same category…
  • Great info. Thank you for compiling. Hard to find the sugar content for some many brands. Do you have the same info for other spirits? Such as vodka and gin? Thanks!

    • Thanks for comment and great point. I don’t have the information for vodka and gin although I would watch out for the flavoured drinks and liqueurs as they are the most likely to have higher sugar content in those categories.

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