This crafted vodka is one of the UK’s only single-estate vodkas, grown, distilled, blended and bottled on the quintessential estate at Ramsbury Distillery in the ancient Wiltshire countryside using 100% English wheat.

Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka is made from the finest wheat, grown on the rolling chalk downs, the Ramsbury team combine this with water from the ancient aquifer below their land. Experts at the cutting-edge distillery then chill, filter and check every single bottle of this 43% abv premium craft vodka by hand. This is very much a crafted vodka with an English accent. 

There is also an interesting article from a local paper – the Swindon Advertiser – on the sustainable approach taken by Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka. Click here for the link to the article.

“A distinctive and enigmatic character, with a broader range of characteristics than certain other vodkas in the deluxe sector” Ian Wisniewski, author – Classic Vodka


For those interested in visiting the Ramsbury Distillery (and Brewery), they are open for visitors and more information can be obtained by clicking here.


Another fact is that the vodka bottle design consists of an unusually rotund bottle shape with an embossed metal lid which is inspired by “typically English” shotgun plates.

Will Thompson (pictured below) the Head of Sales and Marketing at Ramsbury Distillery & Brewery has been quoted as saying the following about the development of this English craft vodka within the same estate as the Brewery.

“Our ambition at Ramsbury is to create a sustainable, fully integrated estate that produces drinks of exceptional quality. Growing our own wheat, using water from our own source and distilling our own spirit means we have total quality control.”


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