This book is the first by the independent whisky writer and consultant, Blair Bowman. He wrote it with Nikki Welsh, the author of the book ‘The Pocket Guide to Wine‘. This is a fun and informative guide for anyone who loves whisky and especially for those that want to know more about it.


The Pocket Guide to Whisky‘ also features at its core the WhiskyTubeMap – this is a tool or flavour map designed to help navigate the styles, types and specific brands by taste and texture rather than by where they are based in the World. The tool can be particularly useful to help you find other whiskies similar to the ones you may enjoy today. There are quite a few brands listed in the book although it would be great to see the tool available online and expanded to include all Scotch whisky distilleries, maybe that is something Blair is already working on?

The original concept was developed by Nikki for Wine in her book, however given the importance of discovery to whisky drinkers, this tool helps in that respect especially for those that are new to the category. As the whisky blogger ‘Whisky Rover‘ says in his review of the book:

“In essence it’s the flavour wheel reinvented for a new generation”

This book is a welcome addition and should help to bring more people into the category, through the WhiskyTubeMap and the simplification of the terminology used in the category. Definitely worth reading it.



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