This small batch gin made with rye grain and other botanicals is named after a battle of the Great Northern War that took place in Napue, Isokyrö, in 1714. It is produced at the Kyrö Distillery in Isokyrö, Finland.

The brand’s typeface (Napue Sans), which is used on the bottles from Kyrö Distillery, is taken from the stone engravings from the 1714 war memorial. This visual element connects the brand to its origins and is crucial as heritage is an important factor for distilleries.

Napue Gin was also the inaugural winner of the IWSC Gin & Tonic Trophy in 2015, which led to a massive surge in demand.

“In Rye We Trust”

Five lifelong friends from Finland established this micro-distillery after talking about producing Finnish Rye whiskey in the sauna. Below is the first professional photo of the founders, running naked through a rye field. (Photo by Kimmo Syväri).

None of the founders had a drinks background but this has not stopped them from embarking on this venture. For their contact details and profiles – click here.

Kyrö Napue Gin is made using a Rye based neutral spirit. They distil 12 relatively traditional botanicals in the pot still, and blend them afterwards with 4 other botanicals that have been individually distilled. Napue’s key components are deeply rooted in the very heart of Finnish nature and include seabuckthorn, cranberries, birch leaves and meadowsweet.

Tasting Notes: Herbal and sweet, essential oils of meadowsweet and gentle citrus on the nose. Full bodied herbal flavor ending with notes of pepper of rye on the tongue. For more information on the product – click here.

Personally, I only came across the brand and product recently at the Viking Line Whisky Fair in February 2017 – for that blog posting please click on this link. Photo taken below at the event.

If interested in the story behind the distillery, there is an excellent article entitled “This Tiny Finnish Distillery Makes Some of the World’s Best Gin” by Astrid Madberg – click here for the link.


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