“to make flying suck less” by Mart Virkus at Toggl in infographic form

According to Mart

airports can be a real hassle, and the quicker we get through them, the better.

Therefore they have decided to help us travellers with some written tips summarised by topic below – it is really worth checking out their site for the full article and more commentary, please click here.

The check-in

1. Do it online

2. Queue close to the business desk

3. Get a private jet…No, seriously.


The screening area

1. Pack strategically

2. Pick the left line

3. Know the rules

4. Empty your pockets


The long wait

1. Your gate is your castle

2. Bring a power splitter

3. Use headphones… for silence

4. Excersise (sort of)



1. Don’t rush the gate

2. Be the last to board the plane


Don’t forget to check out the infographic below which should explain all.


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