Who have you worked with that has really mentored you in the bar industry? This is an initiative by Patsy Christie to recognise them.

This is a wonderful personal project by Patsy that I only came across recently and wanted to help publicise. The idea is to recognise those people in the bartending community that have given so much to others through training, mentoring and sharing of their knowledge within the bar community. I just wish I could have been so privileged to have had this kind of experience and learning behind the bar (where I have worked in before but only to a very basic level).

What is this project?

The BARTENDING TREE OF KNOWLEDGE project aims to map the flow of knowledge from generations of Bartenders, giving credit to those individuals who have significantly influenced styles around the globe.

How does it work?

In Patsy’s own words:

I have recently become interested in my own bartending heritage and so the idea to create a ‘family tree’-like chart was born. The concept is simple: submit the details of two mentors who have influenced your style of tending bar before May 1, 2017 using the form via the link below. The data will be refined to the individuals who have had the greatest impact (the most number of entries), and a tree will then be created to illustrate the industry’s recent heritage. The tree will continue to grow and change in each annual edition, incorporating that year’s submissions making this an ongoing tribute of admiration and appreciation.

What are the rules?

1. You cannot submit more than two mentors
2. You must have worked directly with your mentor(s) for a reasonable amount of time
3. You must enter your submission before May 1, 2017

The intent is to create individual country trees, as well as a global ‘mother tree’; thus as many submissions as possible from across the globe are strongly encouraged and essential. Your submission is greatly appreciated, as well as your support, by sharing the project with your peers on social media.

Click here for a link to the form via Patsy’s website for this project.


The BARTENDING TREE OF KNOWLEDGE project is 100% volunteer and nonprofit. If you can offer additional help or project guidance in anyway, please do not hesitate to connect with Patsy. She would love to hear from industry media, graphic artists, illustrators, web designers, translators, trade organisations and award shows willing to donate their talents and networks.



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