During my recent travels, I have come across the Belgium Owl single malt whisky. Apparently, the Owl Distillery released Belgium’s first single malt in 2007 using stills from the now demolished Caperdonich Distillery in Rothes, Speyside in Scotland…

The dream of producing single malt whiskies in Belgium was conceived through its creator and whisky maker Etienne Bouillon, supported by his partners in the ‘Belgian Owl’ project: financier Christian Polis and farmer Pierre Roberti.

As stated on their website, Etienne Bouillon has always been curious to taste his products at all stages of its distillation and decided to bottle The Belgian Owl at various stages of its distillation.

The Belgian Owl single malt whisky is available in four forms:

  • ‘Non-aged’ Spirit: discover the region’s olfactory passport on which the barley is grown.
  • Spirit ‘under the ageing process: this is the beginning of the interaction between the distillate and the cask during the first three years.
  • Whisky: after three years and more, the ageing process in the cask has revealed its secrets. The whisky will have a volume of 46%.
  • ‘Straight from the cask’ Whisky: plunge into a cask at a precise moment of the ageing process. The whisky will have a volume of around 70%.

From barley to bottling, all the production stages are carried out in Belgium.

As well as its artisanal side, The Belgian Owl is unpeated and distilled in a ‘Pot Still’ (a swan-necked still).

There is also the opportunity to participate in their cask ownership program.


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