A group of friends came together to create a distillery producing handcrafted, artisan spirits and the result is Silent Pool Distillers in the Duke of Northumberland’s Albury Estate in England.

Their vision was for a sustainable business and a vintage wood-fired steam boiler powers the hand-built copper still whilst the Silent Pool itself on the estate is used for its crystal clear water.

The signature product from the distillery is the Silent Pool Gin. Made with 24 botanicals to create a gin with fresh floral and citrus notes grounded by earthy and spicy cassia bark and cubeb. Recommended serve as you’d expect is a G&T with lots of ice and a twist of orange peel to garnish.

The distillery also produces other products such as the Limited Edition English Rose Gin and the Albury Limited Release Strawberry & Gin alcoholic cordial amongst others.


I am definitely hoping to visit the distillery in person next time I am anywhere near to its site. One to keep an eye on!



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