I have contributed to the article in DFNI magazine‘s January 2017 available now to subscribers.


The Liquor in Europe feature was written by Joe Bates. Below is some of the input provided to the article.

My overall view is that at a macro level, there is a lot of uncertainty in Europe at present and this will inevitably impact on the European duty-free liquor market and overall consumer confidence, including future questions which remain unresolved such as Brexit and its impact.

 Europe duty-free liquor market challenges include those specific to retailers at a general level, such as having the right level of service, manpower coverage and language skills in store to support and access the diverse consumer base of GTR to drive conversion and sales growth. This in turn is also an opportunity and is linked to service levels and customer service overall.

 More specifically to the liquor category, the risk of over-reliance on price promotions can negatively influence future consumer behavior and reduce the value in the category. These activities are becoming more prominent and more frequent in Europe.

 For the full article – please check out the DFNI magazine print version or online.


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