This is the Danish Malt Whisky Academy – or Dansk Maltwhisky Akademi – periodical magazine released four times a year which featured the soon to be released Travel Retail range for Glen Scotia and Loch Lomond scotch whisky brands.

The publication is sent out to all of the 700+ members and shared more widely, especially as the only publication in Denmark focused solely on the topic of Malt whisky.

The Dansk Maltwhisky Akademi was founded in October 1995 by Jens Tholstrup and Flemming Gerhardt-Pedersen.

The main aims for Dansk Maltwhisky Akademi are:

  •     to contribute to the debates in Denmark about Malt whisky
  •     to extend people´s knowledge to Malt whisky in Denmark
  •     to make malt whisky even more available in Denmark than in the past

In December 1996, Dansk Maltwhisky Akademi released the book “En whiskyverden” by Jens Tholstrup with foreword by Søren Ryge Petersen, a well known Danish Journalist, who has made many TV programmes on Scotland and whisky also.

Furthermore Dansk Maltwhisky Akademi arrange whisky tasting all over Denmark for members and companies, as well as whisky study tours to Scotland are frequently announced.

Warning! Their website is all in Danish (no surprise there!) except for the intro page in English or Scottish as they call it! Here is the link.

Therefore you may want to stop right here….in my case, I used Google Translate to understand the magazine write up on the Loch Lomond Group brands featured: Glen Scotia and Loch Lomond.

Here is a link to the latest issue online and below is an extract on the 4 pages covering Glen Scotia and Loch Lomond.


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