Courtesy of MONOCLE 100 and Lufthansa by Josh Fehnert.

Their recent special edition outlined the guide to having conversations, experiences and a few fun introductions along the way as you travel.

This is also available via MONOCLE Radio online, just click here.

List is below with some of my own comments:

Meet peopleBe a social butterfly

I guess the best example of this is to talk to people during your travels. I recall a recent conversation on the London tube with an Irish family and a couple of woman from the Middle East, we were getting looks for just talking to one another (probably also because we had been complete strangers up to that point!

Get around – Talk to your taxi driver

I always talk to taxi drivers as a rule everywhere I travel to – they are a fountain of information and knowledge. Never have used them for a tour around the places visited but have heard other people doing so for a day trip for example. Uber has been an absolute gem of an app during business trips and I still recall trying out the Tesla taxis at Amsterdam Schiphol airport…I want one of those now…

Pick a restaurant – Eat with the locals

Not something I tend to do often despite eating the odd currywurst in Hamburg but I have more recently tried to do so – whether in Lebanon, Orlando or Singapore.

Leave a mark – Bring business cards

Always bring them with me just need to remember the local cultures and customs and how to present them to others.


Get in the know – Read all about it

This is something I try to do when visiting different locations, read the local press (if I can understand it!) to find out what is going on in the area. This is actually how I came across Yongehurst Distillery in Toronto, from a local newspaper article featuring them amongst other craft distillers int he region.

Choose the right hotel – Stay somewhere springy

I tend to focus on hotels that I have enjoyed staying at before – if possible – and having a good bar is always an incentive for someone in the drinks industry, especially in order to understand the local scene.

Do business – Get the real deal

People do business with other people, that is a fact. Getting to know them, being open and honest and showing your passion for the company and industry is also critical!

Andre de Almeida drinking whisky


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