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I have known Patsy for a number of years and she is someone with an incredible amount of positive energy and optimism.  I actively follow her on Facebook and always look forward to reading her insights and thoughts which she is happy to share with others in her network.

The post below is a wonderful piece of advice for any brand ambassadors out there, especially those starting out and newer to the role. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have…thanks Patsy!

“The topic of “#SelfPromotion” in the #bartending community is receiving attention as of recent … so I thought I would chime in from a personal perspective …

#Facebook was still in its infancy when I began my #Mixologist / #Trainer / #BrandAmbassador journey. The truth is my voice was self-censored while representing very successful international brands for nearly a decade. What I choose to post was carefully weighed against what I thought my employer at the time would approve of, and more importantly, be impressed with. Seldom did I post anything truly personal, insightful or challenging … I avoided controversy like the plague.

Although I am extremely proud of my work archive, in hindsight I realise my posts illustrated a tiny glimpse of my real character, beliefs, ambitions and values.

I recognise the same pattern, further accentuated, in the next generation of #Brand Ambassadors, and I wanted to share some advice I wish I was given at the beginning of this journey.

Be you; not a brand.
Be true; not contrived.
Be unique; not produced.
Be honest; not manipulative.
Be all of you; not just a fraction.
Be about something more than just a brand.

The best advice I ever got, was from Jan T Field who told the office of Beam Canada that “… the drinks business is a people business.” This couldn’t be more obvious or true. Customers purchase products because of the relationships we build with them; brands come and go, relationships last a lifetime.

How can we build long-lasting relationships when our identities are based on “#USP.s”?! We can’t is the short answer.

My confession is that I got it wrong for all those years. Now, you’re finally meeting the real me, no-holds-barred.”

For reference, I have also written a blog entitled How to: Be a Brand Ambassador

Picture below with Mak and Patsy in Campbeltown earlier this year.

  • An interesting and nice list of things to consider when being a Brand ambassador.

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