This list of 10 of the world’s weirdest concoctions comes courtesy of The Spirits Business and content agency Kaizen.


Cocktails infused with amputated toes, colour-changing drinks and diamond garnishes.

Here is the cocktail list:

  • Diamonds are Forever (US$1,347) – Skyview Bar, Burj Al Arab, Dubai
  • Doug Laming’s Margarita (AUD $30) – Rabbit Hole Bar, Sydney Australia
  • The Sourtoe (AUD $500 if you swallow the toe) – Sourtoe Cocktail Club, Downtown Hotel, Dawson City, Yukon Canada
  • Deep Sea (£10) – Nightjar, London UK
  • The Gunpowder plot (AUD $30) – Zeta Bar, Sydney Australia
  • Double Truffle Martini (US$10) – Duo, New York USA
  • Bubble Bath Martini (£14) – Lounge Bohemia, London UK
  • Roberta (US$ price varies) – Alabama USA
  • The Colour Changing One (£7.75) – The Alchemist, Leeds UK
  • Above and Beyond (£17) – The Alchemist, Leeds UK

For the link to Spirits Business and more details on the cocktails including their composition – click here.



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